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Kinco K3 PLC

Kinco CPU Modüler



Model K304-14AT                 K304          K304-14AR              K304-14AX
CPU 16-Bit Industrial
Execution Speed Typical Bool Instruction Time: <1μS
Word Operation Time: <96μS
Arithmetic Operation Time for Integers: <130μS
Arithmetic Operation Time for Floating Points: <300μS
DI Points 8XDC24V
DO Points 6XDC24V 6XRelay 3XDC24V+3XRelay
User Program Memory EEPROM, 8KB
Permanent Storage, Without the Need of Battery//1000 Instructions


Memory Area Variable Storage Area (V Area): 2KB
System Storage Area (SM Area): 300 Bytes
Internal Storage Area (M Area): 32 Bytes
Data Retention Characteristic Configure with the Programming Software: V Area, C (Counter) Area
Retention Mode and Period Adopt super capacitors and support a retention period of not less than 144 hours upon power failure under normal temperature.
Data Backup Characteristic Perform Backup Operations VB1648 ~ VB1775 According to User Instructions, 128 Bytes in Total
Backup Mode and Time EEPROM (Writing Operation for 1 Million Times) Permanent Backup
Floating Points Supported; the Whole V Area can be Used for Floating Points
Programming Language Supported Ladder Drawing (LD), Instruction List (IL)
Instruction Set Basic Instructions: 55; Expansion Instructions: 251
Password Yes
Digital Data: 14 in Total (DI8, DO6);
Analog Data: None
Counter 64
Operation Mode of Counter Addition, Subtraction
Counter Range -32768~32767
  • CPU304EX PLC
  • CPU306 PLC
  • CPU306EX PLC
  • CPU308 PLC

Kinco Expansion I/O Modüler


Model K321-08DX K321-16DX
Number of input Channels 8 (4 Channels/Group) 16 (8 Channels/Group)
Input Type Source/Sink
Rated Input Voltage DC24V (“1” for DC15~30V)
Rated Input Current 4.1mA@24VDC
Maximum Input Voltage of Logic “0” 5V@0.7mA
Minimum Input Voltage of Logic “1” 15V@2.5mA
Input Filter Delay 5ms
Current Loss of Expansion Bus 5V <60mA <84Ma
Isolation Between Output and Internal Logic Circuit * Mode Photoelectric Coupler
* Voltage 1500VAC/One Minute
Status Indication A Green LED Indicates Signal “1” of Each Channel
Occupied Address Space DI Image Area 1 byte 2 byte
DO Image Area
Dimensions and Weight Dimensions (LXWXH) 114 х 50 х 70mm 114 х 75 х 70mm
Net Weight 125g 150g
  • PM322 PLC
  • PM323 PLC
  • PM331 PLC
  • PM332 PLC
  • PM333 PLC

Kinco Extended Power Modüler


●AC85-265V Power Supply
●Capability for Expansion Bus:
+5V ≤ 1300 mA
+24V ≤ 250 mA

Kinco F1 PLC

F122_D1608T PLC

  • High performance CPU
  • Strong developing function
  • Perfect hardware protection measures
  • CANopen bus communication ability
  • Support various communication speed
  • Perfect CANopen software function
  • Perfect PDO communication mode